Dec 4, 2011

New Stickers !

Yesterday it was "Stickers day", well more like "printing day"; I've designed some new stickers that goes on the envelopes. Basically I am creating a total look to my shop and that includes all the stuff that wraps the goods.

These framed stickers are for clients addresses and I have a small one for mine too, and some more cute stuff that goes inside the goods and only my clients can see them (wink wink).

New stickers

Nov 6, 2011

Vacation & Discount go very well together!

Tomorrow I'm going to a little vacation and I want to indulge you with a great deal in my shop.

It's a great time now to start thinking about Christmas gifts, especially about your own

handmade gifts, and for that you can enjoy 25% discount on ALL my shop items and

ONLY this week!

I want this deal - but HOW ?

OK, so how to use the discount coupon 
Add your preferred items to your cart. Upon Checkout, after you choose your payment method there is the discount coupon step. The Shop Coupon Code box is where you enter the coupon code - VACATION25 - Continue regularly to the final purchase steps.

All orders that are placed until Nov 12, 2011 will be shipped on Sunday, Nov 13.

For any question/problem, please write me a convo (through the ETSY convo system) I will be available there.

Enter My Boutique Online:

And a little glimpse to one of my studio corners; I've made some moo cards sometime ago with images from my Flickr gallery and decorated a framed board with them, just to inspire me with some of my canes and PC work, enjoy :)

Have a great week you guys!
Hugs & kisses

Oct 26, 2011

From millefiori to textile.

Can you see my millefiori canes?

Recently I was occupied with a great project of home textile design. Friends of mine from the textile industry have been asking me for some time to translate my polymer clay work to textile and design a series of tablecloth collection. I must say that this was a challenge for me because there are some ground rules that I had to follow; one of them is to use only 5 colors, not 6, not 7, only five! Well… this rule did not stop me :-) 

Textile design is very dear to me because for many years I worked as a fashion designer and I love all that is connected to fabric and such, so this opportunity was very exiting for me.

Oct 23, 2011

Last days of summer

It is getting a bit chilly in the evenings these days, but it is still very warm and kind of summery here. So it is a fantastic opportunity to say farewell to these last summer days and to introduce a new collection of hair pins sets for girls or girls at heart.

I used 3 hair pins in each set; on one of them I've attached a slice of millefiori flower cane, on the second I've made a little cabochon and glued it in a lace setting and the third pin got a flower applique.

Aug 7, 2011

Flower girl - Summer cane collection

Every season - summer/winter - I choose a subject that will be the main theme to that season. This summer 2011 I called the main theme "Free Love". I think what I want this summer to emphasize is a great happiness and joy feelings, free in spirit.

The general collection is divided to several smaller collections. The canes and their color palette are designed mostly for their future purpose - the accessories I'm going to make with them. However, their main spirit is still influenced from the main theme.

Jul 17, 2011

Canes from scraps - Part 2

Remember the "Canes from scraps - Part 1" post?

Those canes look simple and not so exiting, aren’t they? But they have inspired me for this 2 colors combinations - after using them as a background surface - I've gathered a bunch of flower canes on them and I used this surfaces for making lovely and exiting barrettes …………….and this is why I love canes from scraps :)

A sweet and happy combination; Pink, yellow, green, turquoise and white flowers
on the stripy cane surface.

Jul 8, 2011

Jerusalem and me

This week I was in Jerusalem and visited my big and sweet family; it was so exiting to meet everyone, to be together, to catch up on stuff and basically to enjoy our time. In one of the mornings, my dear father took me to "Mahane Yehuda" market, which is a big, beautiful and genuine market; he couldn’t find something more suitable for me than this, I love it!

Enjoy the richness; it is heaven!

Halva is solid and sweet food that is based on vegetable fat and sugar. Israel popular Halva is made out from raw grinding sesame oil. The word "Halva" is from Arabic and means "candy" or "sweet".
It is delicious!

Jul 3, 2011

Color Me Black - Cane Collection DIY Kit

It was very special for me to combine color with BLACK.
Almost all the way I was not sure that I can relate to this dark color, so it took me a little longer to complete this collection and I am very satisfied with the total look, I see it is as if the BLACK is shining through the colors.

These colors & Black are suited to a wide range of products; I chose to make barrettes, pendants and rings. Next time I will make magnets, I think it will go great with this collection
as well.

Jun 20, 2011

Green is in

Yay !!!
Introducing my first official tutorial,
published in the new "GREEN" issue of "From Polymer to Art".

The tutorial name is "Washi paper kaleidoscope cane", six pages, very detailed instructions and pictures.
I have designed a kaleidoscope cane, green of course, and I chose something that will look organic and natural. At first I called it "Fleur-de-lis", but after I've combined the cane slices into a complete surface, it reminded me of a Washi paper design, and thus its name.

May 21, 2011

Vintage Me

Once upon a time... about 25 years ago, in the midst 80' I met this fabulous material that came in little blocks of color and its name was FIMO aka Polymer clay Fimo brand. At that time, there was very little information to learn from, but I did have 2 booklets and one Japanese book that gave me ideas and inspiration, and they are safe & sound with me until today. Sculpting miniatures was the main issue for me, especially miniature flowers, animals & creatures.

Back then it was "trendy" to make little round pictures with a flower bouquet,
this was my first try:

I keep these precious ones in a vintage tin from my grandma, these two are brooches, and the metal bases are amazingly crafted and in excellent quality.

May 17, 2011

Fresh Summer Meadow Flowers

I am experimenting new colors combination. No pinks or blue turquoise, but still, it is very intriguing for me. I used flower canes from my summer collection, plus another, a kaleidoscope cane, it gives the base color and you can see it here and there.

here are the canes I used

and this is the outcome

May 6, 2011

Color Me Black

Some colors are clearly my favorites in all of their hues and shades. If you are already familiar with my work, it's very clear that I cannot run away from Pinks (yeah), preferably hot Magenta (yay), light Blue & Turquoise (ohh yeah), Greens (smashing), Orange (mmm delish) and Gold (totally). I use and mix them most of the time. In each collection, canes and then products, I take one color and make it as the main player, and the others are combined to enhance the main actor.
I almost avoid some other colors, but I do use them from time to time very carefully, one of them is The Black!
However, from time to time there is a color that stimulates and intrigues me and this season I use the Black as a base color for many strong and/or bright different colors, so they can rise and shine from the blackness.
From my point of view, if you don't use the black just right, the outcome might be stifle and heavy for the eyes and heart, so one of the solutions is to combine it with White - the contrast between clean Black & clean White is a win-win situation.

I've found some Etsy listings, that are manifesting this combination in a very authentic and personal style. Enjoy the combination !!!

Apr 29, 2011

Watercolor Mosaic Tutorial

On my first days on Flickr I met a sweet girl from Brazil, Monica Gerard, and she taught me an amazing polymer clay technique - The Watercolor Mosaic. It was back in 2005. After I tried it I was fascinated by this technique and I made a tutorial in Hebrew. I'm very happy to share it with you now :) enjoy!
The Watercolor Mosaic Technique

This technique based on the use of transparent polymer clay, Fimo brand, combined with white and black color. Very easy method, but you need to know how to make a Skinner blend with three colors.

Apr 27, 2011

Color inspiration treasures - Summer 2011

Making treasuries on Etsy is a fabulous way to share your favorite items and make a statement with your own stylish options that are not your own shop listings; this way sellers treat favorably other shops. When making a treasury with just the right stuff, the outcome is a harmonic collection that combines the most hip, up to date trends and color combinations for this season.

In the past week or so a few of my listing were chosen by treasury builders (or is it makers?)
I am very blessed and thankful for that. Thank you friends!!!
You can enter the treasury curator shop from the link below the treasury pic.

Enjoy these amazing items, trends & color palletes and shops.
You don’t have to go far for inspiration :))

Apr 22, 2011

Fresh Studio Update

There are Some things that you can not run away from… you know what I'm talking about :)) one of them is cleaning & reorganizing your studio. It is only natural to accumulate around you craft supplies, materials, tools and appliances, some important stuff for your daily creative work, most of them you love and cherish. But somehow, although I try to be tidy & organized, well ahhmm… I can't help it and my studio get a bit (wink) messy! In this point you must take a brave decision and do the thing you've ignored from… yes I am talking about cleaning and tiding your work place.
To achieve this goal you need a few things!
First, you need TIME and the next is the most precious ingredient, it is PATIENCE!
When you combine those two together you can start. After you are done, there is a fantastic achievement feeling, you even can take a long smooth breath and your studio is fresh like new, isn’t this a sweet feeling?
It took me about two weeks (yes yes I am slow) to accomplish a major reorganizing but the outcome is worth it.

Before - a glimpse just before I've started

Apr 15, 2011

Going petite and smiling from ear to ear

There is something very relaxing working on very tiny things, I really do not know why… maybe because it works on my concentration, and I really disappear in it, all my thought are gone, well, it is really therapeutic :)

What can you do with a little, tiny, petite PC cane?
Slice it, bake it and attached it to an ear stud and you get sweet little post earrings that makes you smile from ear to ear :)

Sweet Cherry Blossom post earrings

Apr 13, 2011

News from my shop on-line: SALE !

Soon my inventory will be refreshed with some new stuff in the next couple of weeks.

Therefore, I am indulging my costumers, old, returning and new ones in a fantastic Spring SALE. Metal findings, rings and pendants settings in high quality are now 15% off from the original price.
In addition to this Spring Sale, there is a FREE shipping deal (until the end of April )
so when buying 2 sets (or more) there will be another pampering in that direction too.

~ Rings ~

~ Pendants ~

Have a great weekend!
Kiss kiss :))

Apr 6, 2011

Canes from scraps - Part 1

I love to make simple canes especially from scraps.
After I finish working on some canes, I get a load of scrappy ends, so I mix them together and get new colors…. I love that!
So here are 2 simple ones… they look ahhh ahhhm not so shabby… BUT as I say, everything got potential and when the accessories from them are done, I will show you what potential I am talking about.... yeah!

For me they are simply delicious :)

Until next time,
Hugs & kisses
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