Jul 8, 2011

Jerusalem and me

This week I was in Jerusalem and visited my big and sweet family; it was so exiting to meet everyone, to be together, to catch up on stuff and basically to enjoy our time. In one of the mornings, my dear father took me to "Mahane Yehuda" market, which is a big, beautiful and genuine market; he couldn’t find something more suitable for me than this, I love it!

Enjoy the richness; it is heaven!

Halva is solid and sweet food that is based on vegetable fat and sugar. Israel popular Halva is made out from raw grinding sesame oil. The word "Halva" is from Arabic and means "candy" or "sweet".
It is delicious!

... some more sweets ...

Need I say more? I could live inside this stall :)

... Delightful ...

... My dad and me in a little coffee shop at the market ...
Where? Inside the mirror :))
... I took my new ring with me too ...

It was a fantastic visit!

Have a lovely weekend you all :))


  1. Thanks for sharing Ronit, I love markets!!! The most interesting I visited was in Peru. great memories!!!


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