Apr 22, 2011

Fresh Studio Update

There are Some things that you can not run away from… you know what I'm talking about :)) one of them is cleaning & reorganizing your studio. It is only natural to accumulate around you craft supplies, materials, tools and appliances, some important stuff for your daily creative work, most of them you love and cherish. But somehow, although I try to be tidy & organized, well ahhmm… I can't help it and my studio get a bit (wink) messy! In this point you must take a brave decision and do the thing you've ignored from… yes I am talking about cleaning and tiding your work place.
To achieve this goal you need a few things!
First, you need TIME and the next is the most precious ingredient, it is PATIENCE!
When you combine those two together you can start. After you are done, there is a fantastic achievement feeling, you even can take a long smooth breath and your studio is fresh like new, isn’t this a sweet feeling?
It took me about two weeks (yes yes I am slow) to accomplish a major reorganizing but the outcome is worth it.

Before - a glimpse just before I've started

When I reorganized, some of my tools and material are getting a new storage place and I just can not remember where everything is, so I put stickers or little notes or tags on the boxes and drawers so they can be found quick & easy. 
I prefer working on a white surface. My true passion is color and combining several shades & tones, so I need to balance that with a white contrast. I work on a Shiny Formica surface.


One of my shelf stands, beads, canes and other stuff boxes.

One of my needs is a light blue color; this color inspires me the most. It is all around me in the shades of the walls.

Recycling is very important!
I use shop gift bags for storage; they are placed on one of the top shelves and it gives the studio a nice neat frame.

Hugs & kisses and a lovely fresh weekend you all !!!


  1. What a beautiful studio and post!
    I love your creations!
    Keep going...

  2. I wish I coud have studio. It would be just like yours :) Great post :)

  3. Thank you Tina :) I aprechiate your comment!

    To Anonymous, that is my friend Ravit, Big hug :)

  4. hummm so beautiful place , colorful and sweet...and clean and organized !!is it still like this ????if yes , can you take me your secret ???
    i am always cleaning my studio and of course when it's finished i am so happy ...BUT one day in my studio and ....no comment !lol!

  5. Thank you for your comments!!!

    Ohhh Severine!!!! It is not like that now... but it is simmilar to the pics. I think for time to time it is good to arrange & clean the workplace, just for new energies :)


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