Jul 17, 2011

Canes from scraps - Part 2

Remember the "Canes from scraps - Part 1" post?

Those canes look simple and not so exiting, aren’t they? But they have inspired me for this 2 colors combinations - after using them as a background surface - I've gathered a bunch of flower canes on them and I used this surfaces for making lovely and exiting barrettes …………….and this is why I love canes from scraps :)

A sweet and happy combination; Pink, yellow, green, turquoise and white flowers
on the stripy cane surface.

Exhilarating but deep combination; Blue, turquoise, green and pink on the blue-green kaleidoscope cane.

A close up; you can still see the kaleidoscope surface and how it is enhancing
the flowers above it.

Enjoy and have a great week


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