Jul 3, 2011

Color Me Black - Cane Collection DIY Kit

It was very special for me to combine color with BLACK.
Almost all the way I was not sure that I can relate to this dark color, so it took me a little longer to complete this collection and I am very satisfied with the total look, I see it is as if the BLACK is shining through the colors.

These colors & Black are suited to a wide range of products; I chose to make barrettes, pendants and rings. Next time I will make magnets, I think it will go great with this collection
as well.

~ P E N D A N T S ~

~ B A R R E T T E S ~

~ R I N G S ~

~  Now  available  on  my  Boutique  online  ~

The "Color Me Black" cane collection is now available as a DIY Kit in my shop; in this set there are 10 canes and 3 sterling silver plated ring settings.
Find out more info here: http://www.etsy.com/listing/77056542/millefiori-cane-color-me-black-diy

so.... BLACK is back :-)
~ Have a SUPER week ! ~


  1. Todo precioso, unos colores y diseños perfectos. Besos

  2. Muchas gracias M ª Reyes, besos : )


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