May 6, 2011

Color Me Black

Some colors are clearly my favorites in all of their hues and shades. If you are already familiar with my work, it's very clear that I cannot run away from Pinks (yeah), preferably hot Magenta (yay), light Blue & Turquoise (ohh yeah), Greens (smashing), Orange (mmm delish) and Gold (totally). I use and mix them most of the time. In each collection, canes and then products, I take one color and make it as the main player, and the others are combined to enhance the main actor.
I almost avoid some other colors, but I do use them from time to time very carefully, one of them is The Black!
However, from time to time there is a color that stimulates and intrigues me and this season I use the Black as a base color for many strong and/or bright different colors, so they can rise and shine from the blackness.
From my point of view, if you don't use the black just right, the outcome might be stifle and heavy for the eyes and heart, so one of the solutions is to combine it with White - the contrast between clean Black & clean White is a win-win situation.

I've found some Etsy listings, that are manifesting this combination in a very authentic and personal style. Enjoy the combination !!!

Spoonful of Sugar-Original Painting

Business card holders

Have a colorful bright weekend!!!
Hugs :-)


  1. Thank you Ronit for featuring me !
    I like your work - it's great !
    good luck.

  2. Very colorful and interesting... beautiful color scheme...
    Hotel Key Card
    Hotel Key Cards

  3. I do love what you do. I think you push me on the Polymer clay road again. I haven't touch any for years. But your canes are so nive and colourful...

    Thank you so much for putting so many flowers in this rough world Ronit.

    LOL (Lots of Love from France)
    Marylo, la rêveuse (aka the dreamer)

    1. Hello Marylo :))
      Thank you very much for your comment and for being inspired.
      enjoy creating :)


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