Nov 30, 2009

And here are the WINNERS!!!

Thank you so much for every one of you that took a part in my raffles, It was a pleasure :))

….and now….. I am so happy to reveal the 5 winners
Congratulations to you!!!

1. The Flickr raffle - KittyBG
2. The Twitter raffle - semitolog
3. Heart my Shop raffle - irit
4. The Blog raffle - Kathi
5. The Fifth raffle - dvora

Nov 25, 2009

Nov 14, 2009

Happy 4th Flickr Birthday to me :)

~5~ Giveaway Presents ~

4 years ago, I have discovered Flickr, a wonderful site, just to make a little gallery for myself with my creative work. I did not know the impact it will have on me and on others, Flickr members & viewers.
I have been getting many messages & emails from all around the world with warm responses to my work, most of them are telling me how happy my flickr gallery makes them feel – this always makes me happy too.

One of the great Flickr influences on me was when in a complete surprise, 3 years ago, I got an invitation from France to give a workshop there. So, I was invited, 2 years in a row, to give workshops to several groups in France and have made so many and new sweet at heart friends.

After my second visit to France, the girls have encouraged me to open a shop online - and my boutique on Etsy was opened a year ago. I was not sure then if that what I really want, but I have fallen in love with Etsy environment.
My shop is still evolving but it is a place for creative people, polymer clayers and color lovers from all around the world.

Thank you for following my Flickr gallery for the last 4 years, I'm wishing us for many many more. You have a great part in its ever evolving and growth; so, from my heart I thank you.

You are invited to celebrate this happy event with me

I'm going to make 5 most fun raffles. If you would like, you may participate in all of them :) In every raffle, someone of you will win a gorgeous gift from me. I will upload those five gift pics on the day I will announce the happy winners.

Here are some instructions for easy participating on these raffles, here we go :)

1. The Flickr raffle - Everyone of you that would leave a comment on this Flickr pic here will be part of the first raffle. You do not have to leave your details - I will contact the winner in time :) so, a week from now, make sure to check your Flickr message box, maybe it is you :) 

2. The Twitter raffle - If you are a twitter member - just add me to your followings :) that’s all you have to do - every new twitter follower will participate here. Here too, you do not have to leave your details - I will contact the winner in time :)

3. Heart my Shop raffle - If you're registered on Etsy, you are invited to enter my shop and just "Heart Me" :)
But Please, at the same time, inform me threw Etsy Convo, add your valid email and you are in :)

4. The Blog raffle - I have opened a new, right here - just enter your comment and include your email in it please, so I can easily contact the winner.

5. The Fifth raffle - right after the 4 first raffles, I will make the fifth with ALL of the remaining participants names, and there will be a fifth winner :) Hope it will be you!!!

These raffles are until next Saturday, the November 21st

I wish you all good luck, and remember it is only FUN :)
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