Oct 26, 2011

From millefiori to textile.

Can you see my millefiori canes?

Recently I was occupied with a great project of home textile design. Friends of mine from the textile industry have been asking me for some time to translate my polymer clay work to textile and design a series of tablecloth collection. I must say that this was a challenge for me because there are some ground rules that I had to follow; one of them is to use only 5 colors, not 6, not 7, only five! Well… this rule did not stop me :-) 

Textile design is very dear to me because for many years I worked as a fashion designer and I love all that is connected to fabric and such, so this opportunity was very exiting for me.


There will be a few more months until this project will launch and whenever there will be news I will be happy to share them with you, but for now I will share a few designs from this collection.



So….. can you see the millefiori canes ?

Kisses :))


  1. ohhhhhhh so great textile !!!i love them !you know how much i love fabrics !!and i see millefiori cane of course !!!bravooooo!

  2. :)) Thank you Severine!! I am happy you like them :)

  3. Thank you for sharing!!!!!!

  4. Thank you Anonymous, whoever you are, I'm sure you are sweet :))


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