May 17, 2011

Fresh Summer Meadow Flowers

I am experimenting new colors combination. No pinks or blue turquoise, but still, it is very intriguing for me. I used flower canes from my summer collection, plus another, a kaleidoscope cane, it gives the base color and you can see it here and there.

here are the canes I used

and this is the outcome

They are going to be magnets, and for me the color combination brightness is a bit 70s'; although the combination is not soft, I like it and it is harmonious.

I was asking my FB friends for their opinion on this combination. Most of them loved it very much. Some of them, as I suspected wrote me that it is not my usual color scheme, and they are right of course :) but it is still harmonious combination for their taste. I loved that some of them noted that these colors are natural, they appear in nature near each other, they looks very fresh and you can feel while looking as if you are in a summer meadow.

Thank you FB friends for shearing your thoughts with me!!!

Have a super bright day you all ~ h u g s :-)


  1. מדהים רונית!!! שילוב צבעים מנצח! פשוט יפייפה!

  2. as i said tomorrow , you can go on and continue ! new colors are so beautiful and combination so great for eyes !!kisses

  3. Thank you so much girls!!!! I am very pleased that you like them!!!

  4. YOU ARE VERY TALENTED DEAR!! Im following your blog..


  5. To Michal and Aminta, Thank you girls for your comments! :) xoxo


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