Oct 24, 2013

New Millefiori Flower Canes - Behind the Scenes

I invite you to step into "behind the scenes" of my new millefiori flower canes making process.

After designing and building the flowers, I start assembling their background.

This is my favorite flower cane in this bunch.

After reducing the canes, they are stacked and wrapped with nylon until I reduce them to their final size; this is a lot of work, but somebody's gotta do it... :)

After reducing to my desired size and cutting to the length I need, comes photo shoot day,
on a piece of white paper, in my kitchen, that's how I do it!

Here is my new bunch of millefiori flower canes.

My new canes are now available in my boutique online,
in the Polymer clay canes section.

~ Enjoy your weekend everyone ~


  1. I am so jalous !

    Bravo, bravo !

    I declare your are the most famous queen of the most fabulous flowers in the polymer world !

    Have a nice day,

    Kisses from France,


    1. Thank you so so so much Nelly, you are o marvelous your self :-)

  2. Very beautifull canes indeed!!
    Especially the one in third pic!!! Lovely!
    Nice tip to use nylon for reduction, it is to minimize finger prints, right?
    Thank you

    1. This is my favorite cane too :) thanks!!!!
      about the nylon, I do not reduce with it, I only wrap the canes until I start the next step, they have to be wrapped, otherwise they will stick to each other :)
      but, I do use thin rubber gloves when I reduce, it is not so much for finger prints, but because of the polymer's oil that is rubbed on the hands while reducing.
      to avoid finger prints on the cane, you just roll it gently on your working surface, that all :)
      enjoy creating and thank you so Black Baccarat :)))

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you very much Yonit :) I'm very happy you've enjoyed them :)


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