Aug 7, 2016

Shop update - NEW Tutorial eBook - 4 Enigmatic circles canes

NEW tutorial at my Etsy shop is listed :-)
In this tutorial you will learn how to make "Half circle" spiral cane and build 4 canes.

Maybe you are wondering why and how 4 canes?

This tutorial presents 27 colorful pages, detailed instructions, ideas and tips. This tutorial will teach you my method to achieve magnificent enigmatic results and inspire you for your own polymer clay art & craft work.

Feedback & reviews from my dear costumers:
* Beautiful tutorial!!! So well written!
Beautiful bright vibrant photos!
Every polymer clay artist should own this!
Thank you so much Ronit!!!! :)
Make more and I will order them!!!! :)
* Awesome! Easy to follow instructions and useful tips. Love !!!
* Highly recommend to anyone not understanding the real concept of colors.
* Very nice and useful!!! Many many thanks


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