May 26, 2014

DIY Tutorial - Kaleidoscope cane from leftover polymer clay canes - Free tutorial

 Making kaleidoscope canes is one of the most fascinating techniques in polymer clay caning; it has endless possibilities from simple and easy to the most complicated, preplanned and detailed designs. Most of the time the outcome cannot be predicted and the fun part is the result that always exceeds any expectations and always surprising.

In this DIY tutorial I present a simple and easy kaleidoscope canning technique from your own leftover canes, Let's start!
You will need:
Assortment of leftover canes (5-20 canes)

1. Select and gather your leftover canes; all sorts of canes, they can be also small ones. I recommend adding canes with lighter and darker shades, which will enhance the contrast on the kaleidoscope final design.
The number of canes can be varied but try to use at least 5 canes. In this tutorial I've used 19 solid polymer clay canes.

2. At the end of this stage every cane should be 5-6.5 cm // 2- 2.5 inch long.
Start by reducing and rolling each cane just a bit longer from the length you want, and then cut the edges of each cane ends, so its pattern design is equal in both sides. Continue to lengthen the canes to your predetermined length.

3. Gather all the canes to a triangle shape but it doesn't have to be a perfect triangle.
How to decide where to put each cane? Lighter canes, darker cane or special canes that you like - add them to the 3 corners of your triangle design.

* Design Tip *
Remember that the canes that are in the 3 corners and the sides will be multiplied after the cane is done, so they will be more enhanced and noticeable in the kaleidoscope final design.

4. Choose the 3 triangle corners, and press each corner from side to the opposite side - from the beginning to the end of the cane, although it is short. In this stage pay attention that when you press the corner on one side - press the same corner on the opposite side of the triangle cane. Note that the 3 sides of the triangle pattern should be equal.

5. Press and lengthen to reduce the triangle cane up to at least 15- 20 cm // 6-8 inch including the ends. Press each corner to all of its length; after pressing every corner, turn the cane over so the reducing will be even on each side.
After the cane is lengthened, cut the ends on both sides, so the pattern you get is totally the same on both sides of the cane.

6. Cut the cane exactly in the middle and assemble the 2 parts to a square shape. Be sure that you join it perfectly, from start to finish.
You might get at the beginning a rhombus kind of shape, so press the corners of the cane to all of its length until you get a square shaped cane. Reduce the cane until the size of the square is the size of the slices that you need.
And you are done!

7. Every 4 pieces from the kaleidoscope will create an unexpected, impressive and exiting look; here's an example:

8. From this kaleidoscope cane I've made a surface and created some beads and a Hamsa for a wall decor ornament.

I will be happy to see your kaleidoscope from leftover canes, please send me your images to mail: and I will post them here if you like.

If you have any questions about this tut, please leave that in your comment and I will gladly answer and assist :-)

Enjoy Creating !!!


  1. This is my favourite technique, too :) This is a very good tutorial :)

  2. Precioso!!! muchas gracias por el tutorial. Besos

  3. Thank you for the great tutorial. So many get so technical and yours was very easy to follow. ☺

  4. wow so cool. Thanks for taking the time. The pics were great.

  5. Thank you for your excellent instructions and pictures. I made my first kaleidoscope cane after reviewing your site. I made miniature bowls for dollhouses (simply cut out small circles and formed the bowls over the end of a pencil eraser)and to share with my friends who make miniature items for dollhouses. Thank you again for your kindness!

    1. Thank you very much GMom5 :))
      I love miniatures and I'm sure the plates are gorgeous!
      Enjoy creating!!

  6. Thank you very much Doxielover, enjoy creating :)

  7. Beautiful work of art

  8. I have to say making this cane is so satisfying, truly, that I think I enjoy it more then making jewelry or other items from it. Very relaxing !

    1. Thank you very much, enjoy creating!! 💖


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