Oct 15, 2013

Christmas Spirit - Mini Collection

Making this collection was a big treat for me, this color combination elevated my spirit and gave me great joy while designing and building the canes, I just didn't want it to end. I hope you can feel the whimsical spirit and joy that I wanted to reflect in this collection, well, the name I chose says it all :-)

This year I've decided to be prepared for my Etsy shop customers in advance, and to design a mini collection with some Christmas spirit. This collection was listed today and it is ready for some handmade Christmas gifts. I adore this color combination :-)

Here are some pics with my preparations for this mini and happy collection.

Get ready for Christmas

You can find the "Christmas Spirit" collection in my Etsy shop here.
I hope you'll get inspired to make sweet and joyful gifts for you and your loved ones.

Be Happy :-)


  1. Thanks for all these nice photos ! I love it so much !

    Your taste is sure and i follow your work with passion !

    It was also funny for me to read "Be happy" because it is the tittle of a klezmer song i'have just begin to work at clarinet yersteday with my french group in love with yiddish repertory : http://triodoina.com

    So be happy too and have a sweat day,


    1. Thank you very much Nelly, you are most welcome :-)
      Lovely Yiddish site :-))


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