Sep 28, 2013

10 things to do when you're sick

{ Pinterest addiction allert }

1. Enjoy resting - don't just rest and moan, enjoy the time when you're lying flat in bed doing nothing, something you're most of the time dreaming of, but never make it happen, so enjoy the free resting time knowing your body needs it.

2. Watch a Project Runway episode.

3. Drink a lot of herb tea, lemongrass and verbena all natural is my favorite. Do not eat if you don't feel like it, your body needs the energy to heal it self.

4. Make a YouTube 80's pop songs playlist for a friend.

5. Take a ride on Pinterest. I myself am addicted to DIY tutorials and Pinterest is THE place to find some real amazing stuff; and now I am so crazy about bracelets, so I found, very easily, some great tutorials, inspiration and many new ideas; check my DIY tutorials on my Pinterest.

6. Have someone to pamper you, well, not all the time 'cause you need your rest keep in mind.

7. Browse the IKEA catalog, not once but twice, second time - backwards.

8. Keep it clean, take a warm long showers.

9. Write a blog post.

10. Think and ponder, there is a reason that you are sick, your body is out of balance, embrace this moment and remember what is engraved on king Solomon's ring, the wisest man who ever lived:
"This too shall pass".... :-)

~ Be well ~
 Love, Kisses and Smiles to you all 


  1. Hey there Ronit, if this is what one does when they are sick, who needs to be well?...Kisses!

  2. Time well spent , even sick.!!. Still, hope u r fine..

  3. Αριετα ΣταυριδουSunday, February 23, 2014

    Thats excactly what am doing this days...neck problems!!!the 10 things that you are writting makes me feel better!! Kisses from cyprus!!!...p.s like!! Like!!! Your work!!!

    1. Hello Aryeh :) thank you so much:)
      I hope you will be well very soon, and I'm glad I could help :)


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