May 28, 2013

Black & White

.....and a new tutorial is on its way.... get ready for the hottest trend this Summer 

Black and White
The ultimate contrast
Simple and brilliant.
You get the maximum in minimum effort.

Black and White Fashion.
it is cool
it is trendy
it is classic
it is appealing
it is chick
it is fun

you cannot get enough from it
you can never be wrong

it can be cold; it can be warm,
visual drama - visual coolness

...and it is very HOT this Summer 2013

Enjoy the graphic aesthetics of black and white

as seen on Marc Jacobs spring summer 2013 fashion show
You can see some more from this show here.

Miranda Kerr’s Mango Spring 2013 Ad Campaign

Forever21 Sheer Graduated Stripes Shirt

and in somewhat inspirational note...

for more inspirational Black & Whites
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Stay tuned for my next post, it will be most inspiring for your Summer look.



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