Aug 16, 2012

From Cookie Pan to Ring Dish

It is a fact that polymer clay crafters convert any kitchen tool they can find to assist them with their clay creation. So, when I saw this Sugar Cookie Bowls recipe on Pinterest I thought to my self "Mmmmmmm... need to try this someday!".

..... well, the day has come, and I took out my cookie bowl pan and made little cute ring dishes.

Here they are, just before the oven, with my 3 favorite colors on their outside.

I've used varnish only on the inside

ring holder ~ ring keeper ~ ring dish ~ ring catcher ~ jewelry dish
you name it, they are small and cute :-)

Ring dish must have rings, otherwise it is just a small bowl ;-)

Making this dishes are fun, easy and very quick. They are not just cute, these dishes are useful, practical and great for little presents.

This is a great opportunity to invite you to follow my Pinterest boards and enjoy beautiful, fun, cool and exiting stuff that I love.

~ Have a great cool weekend ~


  1. Hi! How do you transfer the image inside the bowl?

    1. Hello eurojaaa,
      No, it is a sheet made from canes, but you can do that with transfer too :)

  2. thank you for sharing your idea

  3. thanks for the idea. what varnish do you use?

    1. Thank you Sara :)
      I use the FIMO original OLD varnish... I have some left.


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