Sep 26, 2010


These days while summer is, very slowly, changing to autumn I am renovating my little studio for new beginnings. I think that for sometime now my studio just requested that - "please Ronit arrange and clean me…". So now I found the right time for this stage and for starters I'm beginning with the most fragile part in my work - my canes. Most of them are arranged in boxes but on my working table there are many more…. So now I have gathered all of them, and arranging them in new order. I think that the most frustrating thing is to see very small canes that you do not want to use anymore but are still there, just like clothes in your closet…

My blog is being renovated too, so I am still working on its style, but I love the new look, not sure about the header though….

Most of this part, arranging the canes is behind me. My table looks a bit gloomy after I took most of them…

 …..and one of the arranged boxes with transparent background canes.

……back to work, see ya xoxo


  1. רונית, נהניתי לקרוא.
    התמונה של הגלילים מקסימה וגם העיצוב של הבלוג.
    בהשראתך אני גם עושה סדר בשולחן העבודה העמוס שלי...

  2. איזה חמודה, תודה רויתוש :) המון בהצלחה!!!

  3. הרוסה על הצבעוניות שלך - רולים מדהימים!!!!!!!!


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