Nov 22, 2012

Playing with miniature food

Falling in love with miniature food is very easy; making cupcakes and donuts in miniature size is surprisingly sweet. I was looking forward for this day to just sit & play with my food... hmm... hmm.. miniature food!

........ everything is so little ........ 
  ..... when you are concentrated in these small parts - time flies away ......
...... in a good way ......

I've used silicone molds for the base of the donuts, cupcakes and for the whipped cream; for the heart cookie I used a little cookie cutter. On some of the pastries I've brushed chalk pastels for the baking effect. I've cured in advance little and long strings and after they've cooled down I've made from them small colorful sprinkles with the blade. I've used for the frosting liquid polymer clay mixed with clay and deco colors after the baking.

I decorated some of the clay sweets before baking, and the others after they've cooled down.

 I've made from these sweet embellishments hair accessories for little girls.

Headbands and hair pins combined with miniature food embellishments are fun and easy to make. These are a great idea for Christmas stockings gifts.

Happy Thanksgiving dear friends
Thank you for visiting my blog, enjoying and inspired by;
thank you for your warm comments, for spreading the word 
and for your love.

~ ~ ~   S h o p    u p d a t e   ~ ~ ~

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... enjoy crafting and shopping ...
~ have a fantastic weekend ~
kisses :-)


  1. Wow! As you already know I LOVE IT! :D I have one question, again :D Which glue do you use when you put this miniatures on metal components? Thank you.

    1. Hi sweetie :) Thank you!!!
      I use E-6000 = fantastic!

    2. Thanks a lot!!! :D I use UHU Kraft from Germany, it's ok but why not try something new and maybe better. ;) I'm still waiting my Mod Podge varnish :(

    3. Hi Selma :)
      E-6000 is very strong, it's always surprise me...
      I will wait with you for the mod varnish and I will order something I found on the net, and if it's good, I will tell you then :)

  2. Oh Ronit I so love your work, the talent you have for putting colors together is wonderful no matter what it is it brings a smile. May I ask do you mix your colors or buy the color? Thank you for all you share.

    1. Hello E. Frum, Thank you so very much :)))
      Ohh, I mix all my colors my self, to get the result that I want.
      I use mostly FIMO brand, and I like best the FIMO soft,
      Thanks again :)


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