Dec 24, 2011

Miniature cupcake village for Christmas

May joy and happiness snow on you

may the bells jingle for you
 may Santa be extra good to you!!!

One of my clay hobbies is sculpting with leftover clay, you know, when the colors are turning gray, brownish; and it is also a great way to actually recycle the wasted polymer clay.
So in the beginning of this process there aren't any color choices only form and you do not have to keep your hands neat and clean, so this is fun!
After the miniatures are cured and cool down I paint them with several layers of white acrylic paint as a base color and after that the real color party begins :) but this I will share with you in an upcoming post.
I thought that these pictures are the best way to symbolize snowy white Christmas so....

Merry Christmas !!:-)

kisses & lots of hugs from me :)

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